Syria Food Security and Livelihoods Assessment

Syria Food Security and Livelihoods Assessment

Funded by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the 2016 Food Security and Livelihoods Assessment (FSLA) was conducted by the Food Security Cluster of Turkey, in collaboration with RFSAN and the Research Management Team (RM Team).

The FSLA was commissioned to understand the implications of the Syria crisis on food security, agriculture and livelihoods at the household level in Syria with the goal of supporting of a larger effort to enhance the efficiency in humanitarian and early-recovery interventions in the country. The assessment is one of the first of its kind to provide a critical baseline of information on food security, livelihoods and agriculture at the household level in view of the crisis.

The assessment utilized a mixed-methods approach that drew from multiple primary data collection methods such as focus group discussions, household interviews and key informant interviews, which were complemented by secondary data.

A total of 1,995 household surveys were conducted in 150 randomly selected communities across eight geographic clusters throughout Syria. Clusters were identified on the basis of geographic proximity of communities to one another and shared socio-economic and livelihoods characteristics.