Syria Agricultural Production and Cross-Border Trade Study R

Syria Agricultural Production and Cross-Border Trade Study Roundtable Policy Discussions Report

The Regional Food Security Analysis Network (RFSAN) Programme is funded by USAID and FAO and jointly implemented by FAO and iMMAP in order to provide a stronger evidence-base for programming and policy formulation.

On 25th February 2016, the RFSAN team organized a one-day roundtable discussion in Amman, Jordan to present preliminary findings from the “Syria Agricultural Production and Cross-Border Trade Study”.

The objective of the workshop was to review the preliminary findings of the study and to collectively analyze and discuss the implications of research findings for food security in the region and arrive at a set of policy recommendations to be included in the study.

Participants included government officials from Ministries of Agriculture and Trade from Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan, Syrian experts working with UN ESCWA in Beirut, FAO Representations, private sector representatives, as well as an international NGO.

Key recommendations from the meeting are the following:

  1. Capacity development (for farmers, processors, exporters) to upgrade agriculture along the value chain from production through to export.
  2. Look to new markets in the EU and Africa for niche products.
  3. Support agricultural community resilience in Syria through income generating projects.