Middle East Rainfall Anomaly December 2016

Middle East Rainfall Anomaly December 2016

Rainfall in December 2016 was analyzed and compared with the rainfall levels of the same period last year and the long-term average (last 15 years).

In the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey), monthly rainfall was lower compared to last year in most areas. However, it was normal to slightly above normal over most of the region, compared to the long-term average.

December Rainfall in Iraq was generally lower than last year, particularly in the north where it was significantly lower.

In Syria, precipitation levels were slightly higher than a year ago in the northern parts of Syria and south of Turkey, although they were lower in the southern parts of Syria and few areas in Turkey.

In Jordan, monthly rainfall amounts were mostly similar to last year, apart from some areas in the south where they were lower. Compared to the long-term average, the precipitation levels were mostly normal to slightly above normal.

Rains in Lebanon were generally lower compared to the previous year and the long-term average with the exception of northeastern parts of the country where they were above normal.

RFSAN will continue to monitor the rainfall over the coming months.