Agrometeorological Monitoring Bulletin in Jordan - January 2

Agrometeorological Monitoring Bulletin in Jordan - January 2017

The rainfall totals for January were below the Long-Term Average (LTA) of the past 16 years in most parts of Jordan, including the main agricultural governorates of Irbid, Ajloun, Jerash and Al-Balqa in the north. Monthly precipitation levels in the country’s agricultural areas were also lower compared to the same month of last year. However, these areas received heavy precipitation in early December.

Major winter crops such as barley and spring wheat were planted in November 2016 and the harvest is expected in May-June 2017. ASI for January shows good crop growth in the northern governorates. However, it should be noted that Jordan’s cereal production is meager due to the country’s climatic and geographical conditions.

Please note that since the ASI is based on remotely sensed data only, there is no confirmation on what crops have been planted.