Agrometeorological Monitoring Bulletin in Jordan - April 201

Agrometeorological Monitoring Bulletin in Jordan - April 2017

Crop growing governorates in the northern (Adjloun, Jarash, Irbid) and central (Al-Balqa, Madaba, Al-Karak and Amman) regions of Jordan received average to above-average precipitation in April 2017. These areas received greater amounts of monthly rainfall compared to the same period in the previous year.

ASI for April shows healthy vegetation cover across the crop growing governorates in the north and the Jordan valley. Winter crops such as barley and spring wheat, primarily grown in rain-fed upland areas of the country, are normally harvested during May-June 2017. However, Jordan’s cereal production is minimal due to climatic and geographic conditions of the country. The ASI for the second and third decades of April indicates that harvesting of winter wheat already began in parts of Irbid, Jarash and Al-Balqa.

Please note that the ASI is based on remotely sensed data only; there is no confirmation on what crops have been planted.