Jordan Land Cover Mapping Data Preparation

About this Project

The project describes the vegetation status and its dynamics in Jordan, including crops and natural vegetation, using the new generation satellite imagery from Sentinel 2 (ESA) and applying innovative methodology that integrates segmentation and NDVI analysis. The work has been carried out through three main phases:

1. Sentinel 2 Image selection, acquisition and processing
2. Preliminary analysis of the area of interest, agro ecological and physiographic characterization
3. Analysis of NDVI series within segmentation

Final deliverables of the work are a full report on data and methods, 8 Sentinel 2 mosaic covering Jordan territory, segmentation vector layer defining the boundaries of major land cover classes to be finalised with supervised classification and visual interpretation. In the context of the workshop in Amman, FAO is presenting a short version of the report and the results of the third phase of the work “Analysis of NDVI series with segmentation“ and presents the Sentinel 2 mosaics with high quality printouts.

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