The Forgotten South: Food Security & Livelihoods in Southern Syria

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BACKGROUND While there is a broad understanding of basic humanitarian needs in Southern Syria, there has been limited analysis of the current economic and livelihoods challenges and opportunities in conflict-affected communities. Although high amounts of food aid are provided, livelihood interventions are extremely limited, leaving people at risk of dependence on external emergency relief. CARE, in partnership with the RFSAN/FAO and NRC conducted a livelihoods assessment and an Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis (EMMA) between August and October 2015 in the opposition-held areas of Dar’a and Quneitra governorates. The objectives were the following:

1. Understand livelihoods strategies currently in place to ensure access to income for men and women in rural and urban areas, and how the conflict is affecting household economies. Analyze how the conflict impacted agricultural livelihoods (crop and livestock production), small businesses and employment opportunities.

2. Understand dynamics on critical market systems for key livelihood sectors. 

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